The Bride of Blackfriar’s Lane (Book Two)

Kit Turner never thought she’d meet anyone who could keep up with her, let alone find a man to marry. After falling head over heels for Jackson Forge, Kit is ready to walk down the aisle and say, “I do,” but is she prepared for what being a married lady entails? Kit thinks so; however, as she seeks to bring the men who maimed Jackson’s brother to justice, she will need to humble herself if she’s going to make it to the altar.

Jackson Forge feels like the luckiest man on earth. Not only has he captured the heart of a wild vixen, but he has been promoted to Inspector at his precinct! Life couldn’t be better for him. Unfortunately, as his wedding day approaches, Jackson’s attempts to tame Kit cause her to push back. Will they be able to work out their differences, or was their whirlwind romance never destined for the long haul?

Book sequels will either live up to the hype of the first novel or struggle to revive the magic. The Thief of Blackfriar’s Lane was one of my favorite books of last year, so when I heard there would be a sequel, I was excited to read the mischief these enemies turned lovers would get up to, this time as a united front. Sadly, my hopes were squelched as they spent most of the book at odds with one another.

While there were a couple of points that stood out to me and an encouraging faith message throughout the narrative, I was ultimately underwhelmed and disappointed with the storyline of The Bride of Blackfriar’s Lane. In fact, I began to hate Jackson and hoped he and Kit wouldn’t end up together. Kit is not a quiet, respectable lady who needs saving, yet Jackson’s need to keep her safe restricted the spunk and fearlessness he’d initially fallen in love with! Pride comes before the fall, and he and Kit certainly fall hard as they refuse to reveal their weaknesses or ask for help, continually sabotaging one another as they keep secrets and wrestle with solving the separate cases they’re working on.

We often make the same mistakes as Jackson and Kit in our relationships — choosing to tumble down the bumpy road rather than humbling ourselves and acknowledging that we can’t do life alone — so I’m grateful that Michelle Griep addressed these topics. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to restore the sparks and thrill I felt when reading the first book in this series.

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own*


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