Positivity & Being Real

Hey everyone!
I have heard people on occasion say how always being positive makes you fake, never face bad emotions, etc.
Here’s a news flash:

Being positive doesn’t mean saying no to painful emotions!


Part of living a positive lifestyle is to face your heartaches and recognize pain in your life head-on in the pursuit of closing open wounds. Because once that is achieved, only then will you have peace in your mind and body. Burying hurts and heartbreaks will only build below the surface, and can wreak havoc and more heartache into your life over time; being positive means, you work through the rough stuff to achieve peace over something that is disrupting it.
So, be real with yourself. Cry. Be mad. Recognize the hurts. But don’t stay there. Face it, seek healing and find your shalom (peace). Encourage yourself as you find yourself; speak love and light into yourself during hard times, good times and everything in between. You got this!

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