Messy Truth

Caleb Kaltenbach returns with another challenging yet prevalent book that everyone needs to read!

We are all searching for a place of belonging. Each one of us wants to feel secure and safe in our homes and communities; yet, more often than not, we can be so quick to judge and categorize people that we forget our role as believers is to welcome everyone and spread the Good News — not isolating ourselves to closed circles where only a select few, or like-minded, people are invited! However, in a world that is trying to tempt us away from the Truth, how can Christians/believers represent the love of Christ/Yeshua without compromising their beliefs and convictions? Caleb Kaltenbach, a pastor raised by gay parents, tackles this topic and more in his explosive, thought-provoking new release, Messy Truth!

It’s time we put our faith on the witness stand and ask the hard questions. Are we not called to follow in Yeshua/Jesus’ footsteps? (1 Peter 2:21) Are we not called to minister to the lost? (Luke 19:10) Are we not called to go into the world and share truth with love and grace? (Colossians 3:12-14; 1 Peter 3:15) Are we not called to treat everyone as God’s creation, seeing them through God’s eyes rather than judging them or categorizing them for their lifestyles? (Genesis 1:27; 1 Samuel 16:7) If you answered yes to these questions, then answer me this, why are we so quick to close our doors on those identifying as LGBTQ?

As the world grows darker by the day, we need to shine the light of our Savior more than ever; however, how will the lost get found or the testimony of our God be heard if we refuse to mix with those living lifestyles we disagree with?

(Side note: By writing this, I am not encouraging people to stop mingling with believers and start hanging out with the wrong crowds. We need one another; however, so many believers forget that while we may not live OF this world, we still live IN this world, and we cannot be blind to what’s going on. The age of silence is over! Educate yourselves, read topics from different viewpoints, step out of your comfort zone and mingle with new people — learning about their lives before implementing your opinions and beliefs — and teach the younger generation from a Godly standpoint — if you don’t do, the world will!)

Diving headfirst into the controversy of LGBTQ vs. the Bible, Caleb Kaltenbach’s approach in Messy Truth is compassionate but firm, using Scriptures throughout to explain the importance of being inclusive and loving without straying from the Word of God — which Caleb explains perfectly in his definition of acceptance vs. approval (hint: they are NOT the same thing)!

All of us are sinners. All of us struggle with temptations. All of us are searching for identity. So, what gives us the right to prevent people from coming and feeling like they belong within our community/circles? (Matthew West’s song Truth be Told comes to mind). Yes, we must address sin and not allow it to fester in our lives or communities; but, first, we must build the foundation on love rather than condemnation; otherwise, the seed will never grow, and only pain and hurt will ensue.

While I disagreed with a few doctrinal teachings within Messy Truth, I still gleaned a lot of great information and wisdom from each page. Convicting and full of tools to help us communicate with others (not just those within the LGBTQ community but everyone we encounter), this will be a book I will resort to again and again! The LGBTQ community is becoming more inclusive by the day; meanwhile, the church/congregations are becoming more closed in an attempt to prevent their fellowships from being “exposed” to the “agenda” of this world. This reality is heartbreaking and ungodly!

You might disagree with elements of what I have written, but I want to implore you to please read this book and watch UNCANCELED Faith’s interview with Samuel Perez (click here) before coming to a concrete conclusion. Christians/believers need to stop being the haters who hold up damning signs of rebuke and anger and start designing new banners, shining God’s love and glory onto those searching for belonging and identity in a world that’s teaching people that they can identify as whatever they want!

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