Freely and Lightly

“Life beings at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Emily Lex

We all strive to live a life of freedom and contentment; however, the weight of this world and the temptations that regularly attempt to take us away from God make our decision to follow the True Vine, Yeshua/Jesus, a daily battle. Do you feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water? You’re not alone in this struggle; nevertheless, there is a savior who wants to take your hand and pull you out of this place of despair and longing.

“The bravest thing you can do is open up your hands and turn your feet toward the path that leads to new, flourishing growth as you accept Jesus’s call to live freely and lightly.” ~ Emily Lex

Emily Lex didn’t know who she was. After years of being who others needed her to be, she realized that she had lost herself in the process. As Emily sat on the beach, looking at the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery, she cried out to God and asked Him to reveal Himself to her. Through many difficult lessons and life events, Emily learned how to relinquish control, abide in Yeshua’s rest, fully embrace the promises found in the Word, and discover who God had always called her to be! In her book, Freely and Lightly, Emily details the journey she went on, encouraging readers to use her story as a spark to ignite a hunger within themselves and strive for a more purposeful life!

“Life with God is the very best partnership, and it’s one big, amazing lesson in collaborating, considering, and giving up control. This is what leads to real rest.” ~ Emily Lex

Freely and Lightly was a stunning memoir with a touching testimony of how God wants to rescue us from living a mediocre life, transforming our hearts so everything we strive for will bring Him glory and give us freedom that cannot be found anywhere else! As I read Emily’s book, I felt the Father show me how her words are going to be used to inspire those struggling to root their identities in Him. We all go through many of the same struggles Emily writes about, making her open and honest stance inviting and relatable to everyone who is looking to release the weight that is preventing them from standing tall.

“Before we can fully trust, we need to get to know the One in whom we’re placing our trust.” ~ Emily Lex

While I didn’t always connect with Emily’s story, her words inspired a new stream of journal entries that turned my focus off myself and onto others’ faith journeys. Freely and Lightly reminds us that it’s never too late to call out to God, placing the reins in His hands, though the journey will take a lot of trust, faith, discipline, obedience, and surrender!

“Are you longing for true, lasting change from the inside out? Jesus invites you to learn his unforced rhythms of grace, and when you walk in step with him, you will take on your true identity.” ~ Emily Lex

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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