Gallelujah Christian Music and Cultural Festival Coming to Israel June 2023

“Walk in the footsteps of the Gospel by day and worship on the shores of the Sea of Galilee by night!”

2023 just got brighter with a summer adventure that will gather 2,500 believers from all over the world to the Holy Land for Gallelujah, a 3-day Christian Music and Cultural Festival with Grammy-nominated and award-winning headliners as part of a 12-day tour of Israel that will bring the scriptures to life!

From June 19-21, sing praises to our Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Nof Ginnosar. With performances by for KING & COUNTRY, Rebecca St. James, Brandon Lake, Jekalyn Carr, and Mack Brock.

In their promotional video, for KING & COUNTRY shared their excitement for this upcoming event, stating, “We’re going to be performing right where Jesus got off the boat after walking on water. It’s a magical and beautiful place, and we’d love for you to join us.”

During an interview on The Gallelujah Radio Special, Rebecca St. James was asked what it will be like to perform alongside her brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone, the lead singers of for KING & COUNTRY. She explained, “I think it’s going to be a very powerful, probably emotional, moment to be able to worship God in that place that has so much significance to the deepest parts of our faith. So, I’m anticipating it being very profound and a very unique worship experience for me, my brothers, and all the people that will be there.” As Rebecca named a couple of the songs she’ll be singing during the festival, she mentioned one of her latest releases titled Kingdom Come, in which her brother, Luke, is featured. “It’s the Lord’s Prayer,” Rebecca said. “It’ll be such a moment to be able to pray as Jesus taught us how to pray in the place that he was teaching His disciples.”

Local Israeli artist Shai Tsabari will be opening the Gallelujah festival. Born in central Israel after his parents made Aliyah from Yemen, Shai served in the IDF before studying at Rimon School of Music. He has since become a well-known name in the Land. According to Gallelujah’s website, Shai’s performance will be “a unique blend of Middle Eastern grooves and melodies, Klezmer elements, and rock, creating an ecstatic and joyful experience for our Gallelujah musical journey through Israel.”

Other Israeli artists who will perform include Yair Levi & Band and The Piyut Ensemble.

Yair Levi is a Jewish Levite known worldwide for his viral song, Refa Na,which has millions of views and has been translated into multiple languages. Together with his 6-person band, Yair “creates a unique mixture of Jewish soul music that embraces his faith and Biblical values.”

Comprised of eighteen artists aged 25-82, The Piyut Ensemble is a multi-generational group known for their renditions of biblical songs in their original Hebrew form. “Working [their] way along the seam between [their] memories and a search for identity,” The Piyut Ensemble released their first album in 2015 and have performed at many international and local music festivals.

More than a music festival, Gallelujah includes a unique tour of the Land where participants of all ages will experience Israel’s history, art, nature, music, and culture! Visit more than 70 biblical sites (including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Qumran, and Capernaum), attend lectures by renowned archaeologists and Bible scholars, and make a splash with fun activities and workshops!

One of the keynote speakers will be Professor James Charlesworth, Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project at the Princeton Theological Seminary. For most of his life, Professor Charlesworth has questioned who Yeshua was and how He has been interpreted throughout history. During his talk, he will focus on where Yeshua met Mary Magdalene and share about the excavations that the tour will visit and assist archaeologists as they unearth the ancient biblical site of Chorazin.

Speaking about the event during The Gallelujah Radio Special, the founders of Gallelujah, Erez Berkovitz and Eitan Chamberlin, explained, [Gallelujah] is a real trailblazer of a festival that is not just a festival of music but of touring, of experiencing the Galilee both biblical and contemporary… This is the Land of the Bible. This is the Galilee. This is where Jesus started His ministry, where He chose His disciples. The landscape of our festival rests in all of this. There has never been a festival like [Gallelujah]. People from all faiths, all experiences, and from all around the world will come to this homeland of the Galilee where the Gospel began.”

To learn more about Gallelujah and how you can secure your place in this “monumental moment for modern Christian music,” visit

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